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Over the Bars: 2023 #1

Why ride buy a Cyberbike?

Want an eBike that can handle some rough trails, bomb fast downhills, climb steep single track  and doesn't look or perform like a miniature railway car (I'm talking about you, BeeCool and RAD.) Can't decide whether a Cyberbike is something you want to invest in? 

Luckily there are logical reasons to own a Cyberbike electric mountain bike. Let me share with you my reasons.

First of all, it's fun! I like to go fast. I used to race and ride motorcycles, but I sold the Interceptor and the Suzuki RMZ 250 in the garage hasn't been started in 5 years. I don't want to ride it because my neck still hurts from my last big crash. Now, in all fairness, I have crashed many times on a Cyberbike, but never ended up with more than a bruise. Partially it's that old age and wisdom keeping me closer to the ground, but I still catch air, hence the name of my blog.

But here's the big difference: You can hop on a Cyberbike, anytime the weather is even halfway decent and get in a great ride that- no matter what else is going on in your life- will put a smile on your face and get you breathing hard. I push as hard up hills as on any workout. It's fast and it's fun. On days I drain the battery, it's my only workout, for sure. 

I used to run distance, bike, race, skate, and play football with my kids, but hip arthritis and a whole lotta decades mean I'm not doing that anymore, but I can TEAR IT UP on a Cyberbike eMTB, and there is exactly zero other toys I can buy myself for a reasonable or unreasonable cost - from a bowling ball to a Superbike-  that let me go a little fast and have a fantastic time, alone or with someone else, and at the same time get a great workout, and it's totally legal (or totally ignored where they are not) PRETTY MUCH ANYWHERE. A few federal parks being the exception, from what I know.

Look at this video.  That's a Pro rider riding a Cyberbike. (It is a previous version, so our new bikes are even better).  You don't have to get sick air, but you can ride that bike and have more fun than on anything else for the money. Period

These bikes are SO FUN, and no cheap, hub-drive bike will perform this well, and no $15,000 eBike will do anything for you a Cyberbike won't do...Cyberbike is, after all, "The eBike That Shreds!"

Order a Cyberbike, you won't regret it.